(Latin) “for all”

We use technology to serve God’s people.

Omnibus accomplishes its mission and vision by providing media that invite others to experience truth, goodness, and beauty as revealed in Scripture and creation. In a world in which technology often disconnects people from what matters most, we’re committed to content and platforms that leverage technology to encourage people to embrace reality, engage their surroundings, and redeem the time.


  • Design clean, modern, meaningful sites for a rich user experience
  • Integrate with apps, social media, and consumer relationship systems
  • Develop memberships to promote growth of sites and their users


  • Craft content to inspire discipleship not merely impart knowledge

  • Provide immediate access through digital licenses

  • Equip individuals, leaders, and groups with a biblical, practical curriculum


  • Build for delightful, interactive, and intuitive encounters

  • Engage multiple ministries through platform participation

  • Connect audiences unreached by traditional resources